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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 8, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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cause big headaches. we had a brief sigh of relief but it delivered a big punch around new jersey and new york affected by sandy. >> parts are getting rain and snow, thousands had power restored from the last storm. now it is out again. >> and we're live at statten island. many people need relief. they have received none. emily. >> good morning. can you see behind me we have several inches of snow here and in the northeast it is recovering from standee. this latest dose of what is winter weather is the last thing anyone needed. >> the region is reeling from
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sandy a nor'easter delivers another blow. >> it is testing the resolve of my state. >> it wounded the northeast with snow and winds gusting at 16 miles an hour. and the home was damaged. the new storm is pushing him to the limit. >> everything that i own is here i'm trying to save it. >> yesterday new york mayor urged those in low lying areas to go some place safer. >> there could be major flooding in spots already eroded by sandy. and the difference here is that the barriers of sand or rock that were there before. perhaps are not there. >> and the storm is creating a potentially deadly situation for those without power and put recovery efforts on hold. >> and last friday. frustrated is a fair word. >> and there were dangerous conditions. >> cars are sliding.
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they are not going anywhere. nothing was open. >> but the new york resident is taking the weather in stride. >> we got through the first one we can get through anything. >> they are causing problems for air calfers. flights out of the northeast have been canceled. live from statten island. now back to you. new yorkers need a break they have seen outages to long lines for gas, it is cold. >> we're talking 12 days now. it did miss us. this is a relief for us. bad for them. but those in maryland it is not as bad as it could have been. >> we're 2 for 2. we missed sandy and this one. they really didn't need it. here at home. things are looking good. -- good.
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we'll dry out. we have showers across the area yesterday windy. and around kent county. and getting in on that. chelsea and buck neck landing getting in on the wet weather, the light rain. this is pushing to the south as we go through the day today. the clouds this morning, the clouds will get out of here. we'll get clearing. cold this morning though and 31 degrees. we're at 38 in towson this morning. and the winds are making it feel colder and ellicott city 38. that is feeling like we're in the low 30s. the winds will kick up throughout the day. windy by 3:00 but more sun coming in. hopefully it will warm up. cold, brutal out there.
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>> we're dealing with the effects of the massive water main break. north charles street shut down from penn station and 20th. closed between maryland avenue. route 32. it will be slow up to 175. if you are using the beltway this morning and take a look at the northwest side here at cold court road. traffic is moving along. no delays as you head to route 40. as we pull up. if you arizing it to get downtown. no problems to report. it will be an easy ride from the beltway to fayette street. back to you. workers will be back at it where they are repairing the water main break. >> the break at north charles and 20th streets have flood
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streets, homes and businesses. and linda so is there with a report. you said this morning that some areas have running water into the streets? >> reporter: yes. the water is flowing. i have some new information i spoke with a bge worker that said work will resume here. they suspended it overnight because they were afraid they may strike a line. this is where it broke. it is still flowing down the street and heading to penn station. it is flow interesting. -- there. the crews will show up at 6:30. when the sun comes up they will resume working here. this is a water main that burst yesterday and sent the water rushing through the streets at charles and 20th. it was so bad that it flooded the streets other a span of five blocks. now this is old. it goes back to the 1920s.
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and breaks like this cannot be avoided because of our hold the incenter -- how old the infrastructure is. people nearby had to deal with dirty water. because of the work that has to to be done here, you should not cut through the area. you will be detoured. >> if you coming from the north and into the area and heading east and west go. far afield take 25th street. the further away are you. maryland avenue will be packed. move further away. use the jfx and get through. >> reporter: at this point, they're not sure how long it will take before they get back to normal. for the time being, it is best to avoid the area. crews will start work at 7 this morning, they will show up in 20 minutes to get working.
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the new chief commissioner will be sworn in tonight. dr. anthony batts was chosen to take ever. he was confirmed last month. today we'll hear from baltimore city and police in a joint press conference about a series of robberies in the area. >> sherrie johnson is live to explain. what are they announcing? >> reporter: today the departments will come together in a joint news briefing to discuss a case. now it is dated back to october 1 when two baltimore men were arrested after a crime spree in baltimore county and city t involved robbery, kidnapping assault and rape. the victims were young women. the youngest only 17. several of the victims were
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college students working together. the county and city police clothed the criminals. they have been charged with many crimes. both men are awaiting trial right now. they are being held without bail at the detention center. the briefing will be held at the baltimore city police department at 1 p.m. today. we will stream it live on our web site at reporting live at federal hill, sherrie johnson. and civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson will be in baltimore today. he will speak at a rally in front of city hall. that's at 5 p.m. and the leaders want money allocated for a new jail for young people to go towards programs for youth an alternative to detention. the question 7 we know it has passed. now we know it means table games and casino. >> what does it mean for baltimore? what changes the people that know big gaming tell us what we
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need to know. and sore throat, fever, what is wrong with you. doctors will tell you so you know what to do. and some people lose so much after sandy ripped through the east coast. now, what you need to do to protect your possessions and some is common sense. all right. the storm is moving away from us. we're going to be cold and windy today. when the warm up will make its move. and 695 is nice and clear here at york road. a massive water main break. the details coming up. this is a live picture of new york city. let's go there and get a look at the tech bites. and in the tech bites microsoft office could be available for android devices. and reports say that a new app
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will allow users to view word and plan will be available for those who want to edit the documents. and at&t is making a big investment. it will spend 14 billion to expand its 4 g network for 300 million people. it is now easier to get copies of your favorite comic books. dc are available directly from the digital store on your i pad, kindle or nook. and a car features three screens, two i paddocking stations and a mac mini i pod. it will cost $300,000.
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a live be unlook in new york. we have seen people and it makes you wonder what if i was in the situation. what would you grab. and the weather and we are working for you with the way that you can save items. >> it has been been a week since homes were destroyed and leaving thousands with nowhere to go. >> i will have to leave my home. >> and the pleas that are the most heartbreaking. and we're just as vulnerable to disasters here. to give yourself if getting
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through a disaster you need to do it now. >> you need to take care of yourself for the first 48 hours. you will want the water and lighting to tide you over but if you have to get out in a hurry. >> having a disaster kid is essential. >> and that should include a first aid kit, snacks and radio. he has a great tip where to keep it. >> put it in the trunk of your car. it is safe and with you at all times. you don't have to think. >> now that you have the kid ready think about keeping your documents safe. and the photos. and you may have relied on a fire box and burn to a dvd. interest there is a way to do it. >> and a security consultant hags been familiar with the safety net for some time.
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>> it is not getting -- it is getting to the point where users can use it. >> it could not be easier to navigate. >> instead of just leaving them on the computer and home you back those up to the account. >> it is like a deposit box. when it is saved it is not kept in one place. >> we're talking six copies. >> and it varied on what you pick. when it comes to the best providers that's all up to you. >> and it is a big name and with the but google has a version. >> windows had it and a version. and you may have a say on keeping what is valuable.
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good advice we have seen the people leaving so much. >> and particularly photographs. you take for granted they will hang around and goes on to say and be cautious with this and you use the cloud, go ahead and make the dvd copies and the copies and to be safe. there is nothing wrong with it but make sure everything is backed up. >> how many times when you heard it. i never thought it would happen to me. >> it is a good idea. >> it is sad they got hit again to the north and i will say sandy the nor'easter. >> we didn't get the brunt of it. >> we have light rain at that. not even heavy rain. >> it was not bad. not at all. we'll get it said and done. we'll deal with the cold
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temperatures this morning. >> and 38 and 36 in manchester and. and 40 but we have the winds. >> and. going and 390s that you are feeling. and these are the ones that you need to dress for as we head throughout the day. we are going to get sunshine gradually. that sunshine will not do much to warm us up. and there is that system that's pushing off to the north and moving away from us. we'll be chilly and windy.
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and build in and it will do so and the days after that. and he will not deal with the cloud cover as we head towards tomorrow. and even the day after that and the temperatures will show you that as well. and speaking of the temperatures today. chilly this afternoon coming in at 49 degrees. we're not going to warm that up much. and after 50 and the 4:00 timeframe back in the 40s. and the 7 day forecast like this. the warm up and upper 60s by monday. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. we're dealing with the effects of the water main break and baltimore. and shut down from penn station all the way to 20th street. you are taking a look now at the scene and the water is flooding out here on charles street. you will want to avoid the
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area. at all possible. can you stick with calvert street. maryland other st. paul street. and 83 is going to be a good option for you. we have an accident to tell you about. here in parkville and no delays right now. it will take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop all the way up to 83. the west side will remain clear right now the health alert. and medications may have other benefits, too. a study find as link between statin use and increased -- an increase in cancer related death. >> the fact is that due to the
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anti-tumor effect. >> and it is not just one type of cancer. >> the results show an association between statin use and risk of cancer related death. some as much as 15%. and the results were scene across 15 different types and researcher sass say they need more constituents to be done. cold and flu season how can you tell what you have. >> people confuse them and it is understandable and some of the things are similar. there are tips and we have some from this morning from a doctor. >> most people know when they are getting a cold. it can develop and last 7 to 10 days. you know the lingering feeling we talk about. that's more than likely a cold. the flu comes on fast.
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apart from the cold in most cases. we're talking about black friday the deals and lines. hustle. >> hand-to-hand combat. it cuts in a bit. >> too bad they don't have spell check. how did it happen and now that the paint is dry s it too late? >> a. >> and a preview. >> and memories from the past. and her own mother committed
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murder. a former player talks about why he left the celtics. two very compelling stories. i hope you will fun in. that's later on katie.
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you are looking at a live picture of statten island hit hard by sandy. and this time by a nor'easter. people didn't have power before the storm hit. >> 4 inches n connecticut 5 plus inches now. one retail ser talking about offering deals early. wal-mart is doing it hours earlier. the bargains will be staggered.
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it is best with the sales they will be on electronics, gaming, tvs, toys. everything that you want. time for a local story here. two dogs went missing from a home last night but it was the power of facebook that saved them. >> and cathy troop and noticed herdogs were missing. they don't know how they went missing. but i posted their pictures on my facebook page and another one on my facebook followers. holly rush found the dogs. they crossed many intersections. >> the dogs have a story to tell. we would like to you follow
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us on facebook and give us any leads. let us know. >> we'll help you find their dog if they are missing. and time the picture was send in by carrie and her son and his friend lucky. and it generated a lot of comments. another said my own stewart little. >> another said don't say i'm here. >> and hello, did you say cheese? weep your comments coming. >> i need some for next week, e- mail them to >> he is brave. >> i like that. >> very nice. a highway worker in mississippi made a mistake. and the n was painted backwards. the contractor laid the template down wrong. you think? they are for four lane
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highways. they will fix them when the asphalt drys. a way to out run the cops. >> stealing a plane as his vehicle. the video. it may be a good idea, well. not to try this. is
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